T-1100 Evaporative Snow Machine

Price: $1,893.00
Item Number: T-1100
Manufacturer: Global Special Effects
Manufacturer Part No: T-1100
Rental Information: For detailed rental information call or email mike@globalspecialeffects.com (256) 229-5551
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This is the slickest streamlined snow machine in the world. Designed for stage, movies and performances where small makes the difference. It is rated at 74 db @ 3 meters. DMX on-board with duty cycle timer (5 and 15 min repeat cycle timer) stand alone settings. The T-1100 can be ordered in any color (additional fees may apply) Standard color is black.

US patent no. 6,868,691 • “Lifetime Limited Warranty”

Product Info Sheets

T-1100 Manual
T-1100 Weather Cover Instructions
Snow Fluid Consumption Chart
Snow Machine Coverages
T-1100 Specs

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