Product Information


Auto Refill Pumping Station - Manual
Auto Refill Pumping Station - Installation Diagram
Auto Refill Pumping Station - Installation for CITC
Bubble Master BM-100
Bubble Master BM-500
Bubble Master BM-2000
Control for DMX Snow Machines
Faux Snow Mixing Instructions
Snow Curtain Manual
Amazing SnowMan Manual
T-1100 Manual
T-1100 Weather Cover Instructions
T-1500 Mini Manual
T-1500 Manual
T-1500 Mini/T-1500 Weather Cover Instructions
T-1600 Manual
T-1600 Weather Cover Instructions


Faux Snow Area Coverage
Snow Fluid Consumption Chart
Snow Machine Coverages
T-1100 Specs
T-1500 Mini Specs
T-1500 Specs
T-1600 Specs
Auto Refill Pumping Station Specs
Snow Curtain Specs
Cryo-Jet Specs
Zig Oscillator Specs
Flogo Lite 24 Specs
Flogo Lite 36 Specs


Bubble Glow UV Bubble Additive
Faux Snow
FG-100 Liquid Snow Pre-Mix
FG-100C Evaporative Snow Concentrate
FG-104 De-Foamer
FG-1080 Cannon Foam Concentrate
FG-420 Evaporative Bubble Fluid
FG-HDF High Dilution Foam
Fog Fluid
No Clog Liquid Line Cleaner
SF-1C Evaporative Snow Concentrate (for Amazing Snowman only)
SMF-1C Snow Fluid
Snow Glow UV Snow Additive
Tinted Foam - Green
Tinted Foam - Orange
Tinted Foam - Red
Tinted Foam - Yellow
Value Foam
Flogo Juice Concentrate
Colored Flogo Fluid


Kashruth Certification
Biodegradation of Snow Fluid
Japan Test of Snow Fluid
Evaporative Snow Fluid Lab Report
Surface Slip Test
Environmental Impact Evaluation

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