Cryo Jet

Price: $1,530.00
Item Number: cryojet
Manufacturer: Global Special Effects
Manufacturer Part No: cryojet
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CO2 Jets are a blast for clubs and parties. Make it look cool and cold on any dance floor from 90 degrees to 30 degrees in 6 seconds with our special effects CO2 Cryo-Jet. Instantly create special effect plumes of cryo going up to 30 feet high. Can be hung from a truss or mounted from a wall or the floor. With the push of a button on the CO2 Blaster Master Control (sold separately), create instant CO2 fog, release the control and the fog is gone in seconds. No need to worry about any alarms, as CO2 leaves the room clean. Unit comes with a 30 foot hose to connect to a CO2 tank, all for only $1,500.00 plus shipping. Note: Requires liquid CO2. This is the newest electric solenoid packaged in the protective metal container.

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