Automatic Refill System

Price: $920.00
Item Number: autorefill
Manufacturer: Global Special Effects
Manufacturer Part No: autorefill
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Fluid refill pumping system that automatically maintains fluid levels in your special effects devices. Specially designed for Global Special Effects snow machines but is compatible with all other equipment that uses liquids. It can be used in machines such as foggers or hazers. The system detects the fluid level in the equipments small built in reservoir and signals a transfer pump connected to a multi-supply drum to refill the reservoir, all without user intervention. This is an ideal solution for installations with limited or difficult access such as ceilings or stages.

Product Info Sheets

Auto Refill Pumping Station - Manual
Auto Refill Pumping Station - Installation Diagram
Auto Refill Pumping Station - Installation for CITC
Auto Refill Pumping Station Specs

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